Suffolk Windmills, written by Brian Flint, was originally published in 1970. Now republished in a new paperback edition and priced at £12.99

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For the past 15 years Ken & Hazel Mathews have been compiling a Data Base of UK Mills, they have amassed a collection of data covering nearly 6,000 Mills and 600 pictures. Their hard work has been given free of charge to the UKMill site for your benefit. Please enjoy their hard work.

If you have any further information, not covered in the database, please go to the 'Add your info' section, we would love to extend this wonderful collection of data still further.

TIP : The search looks for anything 'like' your entry and is not case sensitive, so 'che' in the county field will find 'Cheshire' and 'Manchester'

NOTE : The database contains in excess of 6,000 mills, many are now derelict or have been demolished. To reduce the number of mills returned, only NON derolict mills will be listed unless you check the 'Show All' box.
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